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The family-friendly movie explores the transformational role prayer plays in the lives of the Jordan family. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a middle-class couple who seemingly have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the Jordan’s marriage has become a war zone and their daughter is collateral damage. With the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman, Elizabeth discovers she can start fighting for her family instead of against them. Through a newly energized faith, Elizabeth and Tony’s real enemy doesn’t have a prayer.

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War Room movie full length review - less like 'Amen' and more like "No... men"

Hmm... so is this worse/more-offensive than God's Not Dead?

Well, it depends how one looks at it: God's Not Dead has multiple story lines so there's more places to look at as far as offensive and THIS IS NOT HOW *THINGS IN THIS UNIVERSE WORK*, but War Room has level of concentrated bat-***t insanity going on. I don't even mean the whole 'well if your husband treats you like poo then what you have to do is go in a closet and pray that Satan gets out of him because that's what the problem is and that's IT'.

I mean things like how working at a Pharmaceutical company would function if, say, someone *steals* from the company (and while the movie doesn't really acknowledge characters race, which may or may not be seen as a 'ok, well, fine, whatever' aspect of the story for the most part, a black man stealing tens of thousands from his company, whether he was "honest" enough to fess up to it is besides the point, he's going to jail, end of story), or about what happens when a mugger with a knife comes across an old woman (hint, usually what happens in this movie in *real life* doesn't happen, like, ever), or how adult parents join in on... children's jump-rope competitions(?) The point is, War Room is another in a blatant series of films over the past few years that is out to further brainwash the already converted (and God help you if you find this to be powerful stuff in a positive way), and make those who aren't perplexed out of their minds.

This is a movie creating its own reality to fit its own agenda - propaganda's textbook definition I know, but it gets worse than that here by the message that women don't have agency over their own lives, or, ideally, shouldn't. Why concern yourself with marriage counseling or trial separations or, gasp, divorce in this second decade of the 21st century when you can simply pray the abuse away (okay, he doesn't physically hit her or anything but mentally speaking he's abusive)? It's ironic that a movie that features black characters fairly prominently and (with the exception of the stunningly throw-back stereotype of the Magical Mystical Negro trope with Miss Clara, yes, even in a movie with a mostly black cast I think it counts) doesn't call attention to the race of its characters should set back the *feminist* movements of this country several decades.

This is simply a monumentally terrible script by the Kendrick brothers - think the inverse of everything the Coen brothers are good at - both philosophically and in its execution of both character development (there are no clear arcs or dimensions, the husband is a jerk from minute one until the script says it's time for him to look around a couple of his families rooms and realize the error of his ways and get the devil out or some such nonsense) and "plot" whatever that might be. It is two hours long (with credits), which is one of the more insane things about this. The movie's story practically ends at the 80 minute mark but then it suddenly has to become a sports movie, kind of, sort of, and loose ends that are not even that loose need to be tied up.

So even if by some miracle, no pun intended, I managed to agree with what the movie was selling me on its moral points about how to submit to your man and that prayer, not actual, *existential* acts that make changes in your and other peoples lives, will solve all the problems of the world (and don't get me wrong, if you want to pray for yourself, fine, have at it, but at the risk of doing nothing else it's a foolish message deep down), I would still find the movie to be atrocious on the grounds of it not being entertaining in the ways that it intends (though I was entertained at times in the ways it decidedly did *not* intend), and how sloppy and idiotic it thinks human beings are.

So like God's Not Dead it is a dangerous movie at least for those susceptible enough for its message - I hate to find the news story one day where some poor woman is found dead because she didn't do anything to really force change in an abusive relationship - and for others it's all the same a ludicrous piece of would-be filmmaking made for the budget that a typical Lifetime movie would have (and has acting either on or *below* those standards) that someone wasn't so much released but escaped on to screens through a major distributor like Sony and got to #1 at the box office during one of the worst weekends of the year (Labor Day). Oh, and there are stinky feet jokes thrown in for good measure! Because this is a FAMILY MOVIE after all! And by that I mean keep your families away from this if you care about their mental well-being!