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A same-sex couple's romantic getaway is put in jeopardy by the arrival of Caroline.

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Wasp movie full length review - Ménage a trois for all the wrong reasons

James and Olivier are going to stay in Olivier's south of France country home for a romantic holiday. Caroline is a friend of James's and has just been dumped by her boyfriend and James being a thoroughly nice bloke ? invites her along only quelle horreur she accepts!

Once they start to kill time enjoying themselves it soon becomes obvious that Caroline is having an effect on the pairs relationship and as the French summer slowly and languorously ebbs past so too the shifting emotions of the three start to change.

Now this is an independent film and the only characters are the three aforementioned ones. However, it does not suffer for it. It is well acted and filmed with only a few moments where I felt the scene added not very much or indeed went on a bit too long. That said the overall effect is of a confident and well made indie effort that actually does credit for all involved.