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Emma is kidnapped and imprisoned by a trio of psychopaths.

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We Are Monsters movie full length review - Really bad movie, but sometimes you need a really bad movie.

If you are in the mood to watch a really awful movie, this is it! Once in a while we find ourselves not wanting to watch a really good move or thriller so we settle for mediocre just to get to sleep or see how terrible a movie can be.

I have to say this is the typical Terrible horrible. I never yell at the screen with a good horror movie, but this was down right stupid. To summarize the entire movie. The beginning is useless and serves no purpose in the plot what so ever. Female gets captured, raped. Oh yeah! She escapes, but then can't climb a fence next to a busy road. So she is caught again. Then she gets raped again then escapes again....well she passes out in the small Forrest to wake up and head to the lake instead of heading to the road...??? Anyways typically idiotic revenge from here on out. I am actually writing the review while the rest of this movie is playing out. Enjoy!!