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A damaged homicide detective (Johnny Messner) must prevent a grieving father from unleashing a "robotic virus" that he believes will destroy the terrorist cell that murdered his son, but at an unimaginable cost.

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Weaponized movie full length review - Mickey Rourke is amazing in this new action blockbuster.

This 2016 Action Thriller, directed by Timothy Woodward Jr stars one of the most bad boys of cinema. The one and only Mickey Rourke. It was amazing seeing him play a complete opposite of what he usually plays.

From The Wrestler, Whip Lash or Ivan Vanko, Rourke is known for playing really physically strong characters who are extremely bad ass, yet in Weaponized he plays a professor who is not only fragile in his movement and actions, but also has a very different physical appearance. This was a complete shock to me, I couldn't believe that it was him for the first few scenes.

Now that I have gotten my shock of Rourke's amazing performance out of the way lets get into the film. Weaponized is an Action Thriller, set few years in the future, 2018. After Tom Sizemore's character loses his only son in a terrorist attack. It prompts him to finance and create a new nano technological weapon that allows the transfer of minds from soldiers into any one. Essentially killing terrorist without the sacrifice of American soldiers, infiltrating any and all aspects of the government and having full control over anybody's action. If you are a fan of 80's Action films, especially Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, then you will Love this too!!! Was great seeing Tom Sizemore play against Mickey Rourke one more time. Makes me want to go and re watch that classic film too!

Acting in the film, was overall good. With the exception of Mickey and Tom who were both extremely great! Especially Mickey. Johnny Messner does a great job and is very likable as a lead. The style, the feel and the action are all done in great feel and look very good. Especially the fight between John Foo "Who is from Tekken" and the henchman. The story is great. With the Government being accused of doing lots of shady stuff from financing Saddam Hussein to putting him in power, to spying on their own people, to even the theory of U.S.A planning the whole 9/11 it does make you think if this weapon was invented would the U.S Government tell people about it?

Overall this is a very enjoyable action sci-fi flick, with some really cool fight scenes, some really great performances from amazing actors, an entertaining plot and CGI that is better then TNMT or Transformers!!