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Fixated on romantic fantasies, a kindly and strong-willed young woman with a mild mental disability embarks on a relationship — much to the concern of her protective mother.

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Wedding Doll movie full length review - Pervasively Sad

This Israeli film contains some excellent natural acting from its cast, but the movie itself can be pervasively sad, even cruel at times. It centers on a mentally challenged young woman Hagit (Moran Rosenblatt), who works at a small family owned toilet paper factory.

She dreams of one day marrying the owner's son Omri (Roy Assaf), even making numerous small dolls of brides from toilet paper. She struggles to function independently, while her mother Sara (Assi Levy) tries to protect her and not have her institutionalized, while striving to live some kind of a life of her own.

Overall,this movie, written and directed by Nitzan Gilady, has, as mentioned, strong believable acting and wonderful cinematography, but the story itself was way too much of a downer for me.