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Comedy - A children's book author is the gatekeeper to a mysterious door in his closet that only allows certain people to enter. When he learns where the door leads, his life is forever changed. - Kyle Gallner, Olivia Thirlby, Nick Offerman

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Welcome to Happiness movie full length review - An sweetly odd tale.

So many of life's lessons can be attributed to children's literature. Authors from Dr. Seuss to Shel Silverstein shaped the way young minds perceived the world and prepared them for what lie ahead.

Welcome To Happiness, the debut film from writer/director Oliver Thompson, spins a fanatical tale in a similar vein. Aimed at the grown-ups we've ripened into, this clever comedy draws upon the "whys" we inevitably ask ourselves as we press on through to adulthood.

Dropping the viewer directly into the world he built, Thomson keeps a close rein on the goings on and rules set forth by his script, only answering so much before adding on more mysteries. The opening scene sets the tone of the film, quirky and playful yet not lacking real raw emotion...