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The year is 1879. Gunfighters from the far reaches of the globe descend on Religion, AZ to compete in a legendary poker tournament. Drawn by the gold prize, the players come to realize that in this game, their very souls are at stake.

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Western Religion movie full length review - When you have nothing to do, you might as well watch it

Firstly i acknowledge that the film is a very low budget one so i had low expectations of it. Most of the lines from the actors are very flat, no passion and generally it gives me a taste of a school play

Then the scenes are just to short, and changing like a slideshow which made me think that this movie has some unwanted details in it and could have been 25 minutes less of running time

Then you have characters like the host presenter getting excited by himself, and people just clapping for no particular reason, which was quite pointless

In addition i do not think that homosexuals were dressed and used to act in such an obvious manner at that time like they present in the movie, nor they would be treated like the movie shows, lets not forget is 100+ years back

Now the story its just average, without it being something special but if there is nothing else to watch and you are not sleepy you might as well watch i..but do not pay for it.