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After three tours in Iraq, traumatized and adrift Kerryann struggles to regain her sense of purpose. Cut off from family and friends and arguing with the constant static in her head, she falls in with a corrupt cop and his Tea Party accomplice , filling her with drive and direction. Her new companions seize on her military training as the key to a big- money heist. Will she be able to assimilate into civilian life, or will her need for a mission destroy her?

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White Rabbit movie full length review - Military Hacker Gone Wild

9 of 10. It may seem like an ordinary vet after the war film as it starts out, but the vet being a young woman and a hacker, whether she realizes it or not, helps to give it a new twist.

Eventually, as she meets more people and her skills and openness to help others expand, the story develops some unexpected plot lines and dangers. It also turns out that bows and arrows have more uses in films still beyond hunger games.

It's a deeply underrated film, probably because the actors aren't well known and it didn't have any significant build up. The lack of production money also leaves it feeling a little like a TV film at times, but never enough to make you want to switch to a different channel. Tune in and ignore the static.