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Documentary about a bullied man, who kept his school mass shooting rage inside himself.

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White Rage movie full length review - Extremely effective and important documentary

I actually got to see this film before it came out, so I wrote my review on 16th of November.

he documentary used the story of "Lauri" as a structure for the documentary. He was an excellent example, an excellent main character for this documentary. And if I understood right, the real life counterpart of "Lauri" created the theory of white rage and black rage. Black rage is when you get so angry that you are almost out of control. White rage has been built over the years, like when a person has experienced a lot of physical or mental violence. The person suffering from white rage is calm and collected.

The documentary uses examples that probably might feel extremely distant to foreign viewers. The examples include school shootings that happened in Finland. There are examples from elsewhere too, for instance a school massacre from the US, terrorist groups (very briefly) and 2011 Norway attacks.

The story of "Lauri" and the examples made it sure that the documentary is very distressing and agonizing. But all the bad feelings just made sure that the documentary is extremely effective.

The film definitely is well made. The cinematography is weirdly beautiful, which makes the whole thing even more eerier. The music has the same kind of effect.

Valkoinen Raivo really made me think about the subject. It's an excellent documentary, and I think everybody who can watch it should.