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A sheltered, intelligent college student Doug changes his life forever when he hires an underachieving driver Scott. In order to escape his oppressively loving mother, Doug agrees to go on a spontaneous road trip with Scott and his college crush Stephanie. At the height of the journey, a tragic series of events tests their bond and opens the road to self-discovery. Drugs, gambling, and romance await the three friends in this coming-of-age drama.

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Who's Driving Doug movie full length review - Predictable and cliché, but still a great indie film

I wish the character traits as well as most of the plot wasn't so predictable, but even that didn't stop me from appreciating this drama. I don't think it should have ended like that, it seems they were trying to make it as sad as possible when it could have made it's point and end positively.

Some of the acting and scenes were way out of place and odd, but most of it was great. Ray and RJ were really good, as well as the mother character, though the slow pace, too many driving street shots and shallow storyline were dragging the overall experience a bit down.

However I think it's great for what it is. I don't like dramas, but I gave it a shot because I respect RWJ, and for a budget indie film - this is probably the best you can get. The overall editing and sound were top notch, beating many big-budget road trip movies by a long shot.

Dive in with expectations of some cliché elements, but if you're into dramatic movies, you should be able to enjoy this one.

I'm hoping Ray would go with a comedy or something more refreshing next time. I'm sure he wanted to try something new, after years of being a comedian and launching people who used him to gain their own audiences, which is why I want him to succeed - he deserves it for creating something from nothing and even launching other people (girlfriends) who didn't deserve it, but he'll be best in a comedy. However, again, if you enjoy simple dramas and won't be too nit-picky about it, this is a great film for you.