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Ozzy is an enthusiastic and friendly flying monkey, son of the legendary Goliath, the brave warrior. They serve Evilene - the wicked witch - just as the rest of their kin. But Ozzy is not happy about it and when Evilene's plans put Oz once again in peril, Ozzy reaches out to the Champions of Oz, three great friends (the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman) with incredible qualities that have taken Emerald City to its maximum splendor.

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Wicked Flying Monkeys movie full length review - Waste of time

Boring.... good cartoon, but poor script. Better to stay at home on Sunday to spend time and money.

The title of the movie was more promising,was a children film, but despite being a children's film it falls far short of the expectations about history of the original novel. The animation becomes slow and redundant, in addition to the thread of the film becomes confusing and pointless. Studies need to work around before launching a film to be shown in cinemas. For everything else, there are criticisms in every minute of the movie and I certainly do not recommend her. Not being a season of children's movies is the alternative that I recommend Home, which has improved production and script.