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When a Las Vegas bodyguard with lethal skills and a gambling problem gets in trouble with the mob, he has one last play… and it's all or nothing.

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Wild Card movie full length review - Knife and Spoon

Wild Card is another action film starring Jason Statham. While many are turned off when they hear his name, I think he is one of the best action stars today, and I cannot get enough of his films.

This time Jason Statham stars in another remake. This time it is a remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film called Heat. I have in the past watched that film, and remembering it being a great film in my opinion. While this film is clearly not as good, it is a great fun action film to sit back and watch. The following is my review of Wild Card.

William Goldman is the writer of this film. He wrote the original novel that this and the original film were based on. Goldman also wrote the screenplay for the Burt Reynolds version back in 1986. Goldman is well know for such legendary works such as Marathon Man, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Misery. The story this time around compared to the original film is simply an updated version. You aren't going to get much of a difference, and there are a few scenes that are recreated from the original film. This film this time around is more of an action film for the star of the film, Jason Statham. The story is very interesting, and with some talented actors, the film excels overall in entertaining the viewer. I'm not really sure why the great William Goldman returned for this updated take on his original piece, but I personally feel the film was better because of it. Nothing award winning or original from Goldman this time around, but the story is still enjoyable.

The film was directed by Simon West. West is known for bigger films like Con Air and The Expednables 2. West even worked with Jason Statham on another remake. That remake was The Mechanic, Charles Bronson starred in the original. Simon West is a very talented action director as his filmography proves that much. The action scenes in this film, while there are a few, are very exciting to watch. There are three action sequences. One towards the begging setting up more of the plot, and two near the end. The final action scene is amazing, and this is where someone like Jason Statham really excels. The actions scenes look amazing and flow great. In some of the action West even uses slow motion to really bring everything out. I enjoy that aspect, and he didn't over use it. The acting is not bad. Statham is not a great actor or anything, but in roles like this he is great to watch. The film also stars great actors like Stanley Tucci, Anne Heche and Milo Ventimiglia. Simon West is a great action director, and any fan of his should watch this film.

Dario Marianelli is the composer of this film. He is known for scoring such films as V for Vendetta and more recently The Boxtrolls. I felt in this aspect of the film, it was a bit of a disappointment. Not a total failure by Marianelli, but just not to my liking. It never really adds depth to the film, so in my opinion the score was forgetful. I love a good score in cheesy action films like this, and if you do as well then you will be disappointed as well.

In closing, Simon West and Jason Statham offer up another great action film together. Hardcore fans of the original story and original film starring Burt Reynolds might have problems with this film, but even as a fan of the original movie I still found this take on it to be a fun action film. Not as good as the 1986 version, but still a fun ride. Since the film opened with only a small theatrical release, it shouldn't be hard to find this movie for cheap streaming online. In my opinion the five to seven dollars you pay to watch this film is well worth it.