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Texas Ranger Samantha Payne reopens a 15-year-old missing person case, and uncovers evidence that suggests that the boy was likely murdered on a ranch belonging to wealthy family man, Scott Briggs. When Scott’s estranged son unexpectedly returns home during the investigation, Samantha becomes even more convinced that the Briggs family was involved, and will stop at nothing to discover the truth about the boy’s death - even putting her own life in jeopardy.

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Wild Horses movie full length review - Disjointed

Scott Briggs (Duvall) is suspected of killing Jimmy Davis, his son Ben's (James Franco) gay lover 15-years ago and the Texas Rangers open the cold case.

That is the main thrust in here, everything else is a disjointed v distraction. The script is bad, the acting by Duvall is not good and we are getting tired of him acting like a perpetual curmudgeon. Hey, it worked when he was Gus in Lonesome Dove but not in here. Everything he did was forced and had us cringing. Maybe writing, directing, acting and producing all of this took it's toll. Who knows? It just wasn't good.

Notables: James Franco as Ben who comes back for the reading of the Will (yes, while Scott is still alive) and he tries to bond with his father; Josh Hartnett as KC, Scott's son; Devon Abner as Johnny, another son of Scott Briggs. However some scenes with them were awkward and forced.

Luciana Pedraza as Samatha the Texas Ranger Detective seemed too tense throughout and kind of unsure of her presence.

Many scenes were awkward and forced, but the real culprit is the script. Very bad. The story jumped around too much and we were not sure just what this movie was about. Sub plots: Jim Parrack as Sheriff's Deputy Rogers involved in watching Texas Ranger Samantha for Scott Briggs, and also involved in drug running; the reading of the Will when Briggs' sons find out that they have a sister in Maria (Angie Cepeda).

If you keep in mind that the Texas Rangers are focusing on Scott Briggs as they feel he was somehow involved in the disappearance of Jimmy Davis 15-years ago, you should be okay.

There is a resolution and we were not happy with it. Came up abruptly and we didn't believe it. Will you? (3/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Soft stuff.