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River Miller, a mentally unstable actor haunted by the past, moves to Hollywood to start his life over, only to find his inner demons are inescapable.

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Windsor Drive movie full length review - An emotional ride the likes of which reflect old thoughts of David Lynch or Ridley Scott

I was invited to a red carpet premier of Windsor Drive in North Hollywood, CA, by director Natalie Bible, and exceedingly glad I attended.

Names like David Lynch and Ridley Scott come to mind, but don't really fit as a comparison. What Ms Bible' (pronounced like a french name) actually captured and created with amazingly edgy, and emotional, transitions and sequences, is so much more than these possible counter-parts bring to mind.

Ms Bible's profound emotional ride was accomplished using her unique sense of story telling through the use of metaphoric song lyrics, reverse scene shots, over-lapping layers of emotion evoking images, and her completely powerful editing ? giving rise to an unprecedented enhanced experience. Couple this with an intriguing script penned by Tommy O' Reilly, and the results are unquestionably memorable. This ride is not going to be what you think, but rather so much more if you let it's pure emotional genius infect your psyche. You'll walk away with the feeling that you've seen something special, something unusual, something uniquely identifiable to Natalie Bible's vision of movie making. With Tommy O Reilly's first produced and released script, and Natalie Bible's poetic sculpting of his story, these two up-and-coming creative film forces are to be watched closely.

I don't want to leave out the fact that the acting talent adds so very much to a creative endeavor, and if that's true than we must recognize all of the actors whom attributed so much talent to this picture and helped make it powerful. With captivating performances by Tommy O' Reilly, Jillian Murray, Kyan DuBrois, Anna Biani, and Amanda Musgrave, among a long list of other talented supporting artists, all adding to the incredible creative mix pushing this film to hit the proverbial mark.

I want to remind everyone at this point that the budget on this movie was... well, TINY. So, when you sit there and enjoy the emotional havoc being thrust upon your awareness, just remember how much work it must have taken and how little money they achieved this art with.

David P