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A thriller centered around a widower who moves into a seemingly perfect new home with his daughter and new wife.

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Within movie full length review - It went downhill so fast that no one had a chance...

"Within" actually started out quite nice, and it had the potential to be a somewhat good horror movie. It was the creepy moments with stuff happening around the house that was working out quite well.

However, it all came to an abrupt halt when the audience was shown what was really happening in the house.

Wow, are you kidding me? That movie went from being quite good and entertaining to becoming a ridiculous heap of a stupid movie in an instant when it was revealed just exactly what was going on.

The story told in "Within" is about a family that has moved to a new house. However, shortly after the have moved in, strange things start to happen in the house.

"Within" had potential to be a great horror movie, if director Phil Claydon had opted to keep it in a supernatural genre. But no, that was not to be.

The acting in the movie was adequate, although it wasn't particularly memorable. But given what people had to work with, they managed to do well enough.

This was a bucket of ice water to the face, because what started out as a great spooky movie quickly took a turn and went into ridiculous-town. There is nothing worthwhile to be had here, so I can't think of a single reason for recommending this movie to anyone.

After an abysmal forage into what turned out to be a waste of time, my rating of "Within" ends of a meager three out of ten stars.