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Eve, a 19-year-old American tourist is targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor. She survives his attack and embarks on a mission of revenge.

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Wolf Creek movie full length review - Great start, but ultimately ends in disappointment (Revelry Review)

I am a huge fan of the Wolf Creek movies, John Jarratt does a great portrayal of outback killer 'Mick Taylor', when I first saw the preview for this it got me genuinely excited.

It looked a lot more deeper than the conventional slasher type Wolf Creek movies, this one had the vibe of being more psychologically involved.

The show started off fantastic, we were thrown right into the action, meeting front runner Lucy Fry, depicting the main character whose family gets brutally murdered which ultimately sends her on a revenge trip to kill Mick Taylor. The suspense was great for the first 3 episodes, building slowly until we got to see the final showdown, the predictability was okay, it was entertaining so that is what kept me enthralled.

But after the 3rd episode the show took a turn for the worse, from what was a 7/10 show went directly down to a 3/10 show, mostly because of the filler scenes that made absolutely no sense and may as well have not been put in there. The portrayal of the 'Aussie Outback' is shown like something from a Mad Max movie, like it was a post apocalyptic wasteland...but really it was meant to be 2015. The nonsensical parts of the story started to gather up and it started to make the show very unbelievable and frustrating, all of the injuries that the main character suffered seemed to have gone away shortly hours after, when any normal person would have simply died from them.

This show had so much potential, leading on from the great legacy of Mick Taylor it could have gone many different ways. But the way in which the director chose definitely wasn't the right one. The show started fantastically and I honestly could not fault it for the first 3 episodes, but after that it became very cheesy in it's story-line and if you were an Australian watching this it was enough to make you cringe.

If the director actually portrayed Australians as normal civilians like we actually are, Mick Taylor would have been seen as more menacing and frightening. But apparently the director decided that all Australians act in a caveman manner and dress like the apocalypse had happened.

This was Wolf Creek, not Mad Max! Hopefully the director can learn from the mistakes he had made in this show and bring it to his next project. Such a shame for a show that had such great potential.