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Eve, a 19-year-old American tourist is targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor. She survives his attack and embarks on a mission of revenge.

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Wolf Creek movie full length review - Not a good advertisement for Oz

This series all starts well, then they seem to run out of ideas very quickly. apart from John Jarret who is as usual brilliant but not used enough,the rest of the cast performances tends to be lackluster or typecast.

There are some very bad American accents,the obliquity outback landscapes with kangaroos crocs snakes and spiders. Every Australian male is portrayed as a as either a sex offender, a complete idiot or both and the woman are all portrayed as complete bitches.

The story line is where thing get patchy, for a 19 YO girl who was shot and and left for dead and whose family had just been slaughtered, not one relative or government official from the USA bothered to head to Australia to inquire and escort her home, no, she's dropped off at the airport and told take care of yourself and have a nice life.No major homicide investigations,no media, just one country cop to take care of the lot and who seems to think it was a all a big accident.Dozens of tourist missing in the top end and no one is slightly suspicious there is something odd happening up there. I would have thought a large homicide investigation may have given this show a bit of credibility and interest.

They try to focus on the two main characters the Cop and the Girl with the bad American accent , unfortunately they're are not interesting enough to hold attention or interest. It seems to want to portray the top end and the outback as some kind of wild west or Mad Max type scenario.

It is very frustrating that Australian film produces have to resort to the clichéd Aussie Drongos and instead to try to portray Australians as having some intelligence and sophistication. This series had so much potential but wasted on poor performances, scripts and plots.