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Eve, a 19-year-old American tourist is targeted by crazed serial killer Mick Taylor. She survives his attack and embarks on a mission of revenge.

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Wolf Creek movie full length review - Poor!

I created an account here just to leave a review of this as I need to rant! Never have I watched a TV series that had the potential to be so brilliant, but is in actual fact utter rubbish.

It's a perfect example of high production values and cool cinematography trying to shroud a total lack of substance. Plus it's monumental stereotyping of the citizens of the Australian outback is like nothing I have ever seen. Not to mention the fact that it portrays almost every male character as either rapist, thug, thief, or psycho (unless you are a policeman or a priest... and even then.... erm....)

The main character has a total lack of depth, coupled with cringe- worthy levels of melodrama (EVEN when taking into account the horrific situation she has been thrown into) and either can't act or is extremely suppressed by awful direction (I'm sure either the actress or the director, or both, or SOMEONE, must have watched too many of those despicable films about melodramatic teenage vampires or something). The plot has so little meat on the bone and is largely implausible, and there is an endless onslaught of purely ridiculous and frustratingly stupid decisions by the main character. I know you are supposed to shout at the protagonists in slasher films for being dumb, and yes they are under pressure and the adrenaline and the blah blah blah, but SERIOUSLY! And not only that, she repeatedly makes the SAME mistakes to the point where I ended up being "on the side of the villain", who is the only well executed character in the entire series. Although there are some cool side characters, who needed far more screen time and development.

The ridiculousness coupled with the lack of character depth/building (which makes you not give a s**t about them) honestly resulted in it being the first serial killer themed affair where I have actually wanted the killer to end up triumphing (apart from Hannibal Lecter, but we're pretty much supposed to want him to triumph) (and maybe some dodgy sequels to some classic originals, but that's par for the course). It is a well executed production, but the lifelessness of the plot and characters ruins it.

I did watch the whole series as I did want to know what the outcome would be, although more because I had fun laughing at it with my girlfriend. They get 3 stars from me for good cinematography and production values, but for the entire duration of this series I just kept imagining the "ding" of the CinemaSins tally bell racking up and up to dizzy heights.