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When a mysterious crime takes the life of her only brother, an Ethiopian American woman searches for the truth behind his death, while struggling to reconcile cultural expectations with her own pursuit of self-identity and love.

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Woven movie full length review - Woven is a phenomenal film that will change the way you look at life!

Kudos to the LA Film Festival for selecting Woven! With so many deep layers, this film is relatable to everyone. It shows that we are all interconnected and tied together at the core.

While the world climate can leave us paralyzed by fear, this film brings hope. The film captured the beautiful Ethiopian culture and illustrated how the traditions of the immigrant experience are WOVEN into the fabric of American culture. It demonstrates that love transcends ethnicity and religion and we are more alike than we are different. I found myself rooting for the dynamic and complex characters. Woven opened my eyes and helped me see the world differently?.with much more optimism. The world needs to see this film?it promotes peace!