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Best friends Emily and Lesley go on a road trip to the desert. When Emily decides to get off the highway and take a "short cut," they become the target of a relentless and psychotic trucker who forces them to play a deadly game of cat and mouse. (IMDB)

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Wrecker movie full length review - This movie is a offense and affront and a insult for all those who see it

First, sorry for my English, is bad-bad :) sorry,please! I have not ever seen a movie worse than this, how to do such a film... I can not believe how much trash there is in this world to do a film like such a caricature, a really coarse...

A top class Mustang, talk about a V8 5.0 - is constantly overtaking by a truck rust...Really? C'mon! Blonde leading the Mustang can not overcome this rusty truck and when it does not last long and exceeds the phases before overcoming the truck ... the truck are hilarious to beat.However "Blonde" you are as a person driving is unreal how they could create these exceedances, actually inconceivable from reality.You go with 31mile(50km) behind a old rusty tug-truck and actually don't't bother to overtake even straight ... with a Mustang V8 -5.0! And if you exceeded once in the end, you are catch up by the rusty old truck to over 124mile(200km/h) !!! Dude director, you are a crazy head ?? Girls do not have GPS signal...really? GPS? That Mustang has GPS functionality and if all satellites from space fall...

The speed of cars in the film, at one point, caught by the Mustang is 120m (193km) or more, but old rust truck chases and even at that speed the truck is not leave behind! Jesus! Road where happens the action is kind of twist road, circulated rarely and practically in the film did not see a car on the opposite way but when the blonde girl Mustang would exceed the truck suddenly it appears a car in front and can not exceed...amazing, I feel like screaming to moon!!!!!!!! Blonde girl can not exceed even a speed of 24mile(40-50km) neither, you could just pinch a little throttle, the Mustang had sprung in a sec...but no way! Finally, the scene when the truck stays on the road is hanging half... the first phase is seen under the truck a continued road, a few meters if it fall hit the road - and even when falls, when the truck is smitten the image appears where there is a chasm,abyss and the road is not there! Terrible... :) I invite you wholeheartedly for you to watch this movie just to see what was reached today to make a film.Take your friends and watch this movie in a group...will to be phenomenal! At the start of first 15min i wanted to close it, after 30min i could break my TV but out of curiosity to see how far stupidity can lead a film director and producer, i decided to see him until the end...

A terrible movie, even awkward interpretation of actresses is understandable...but what i do not understand is how the director of this film thinks it can fool the world...astonishing...inconceivable.

PS:Blonde girlfriend in the movie suddenly disappears after 40min...here on IMDb says that the actress actually left shooting during production ... Why, he was the only human with brains who realized the awkwardness filming that?