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Two teenage yoga enthusiasts team up with a legendary man-hunter to battle with an ancient evil presence that is threatening their major party plans.

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Yoga Hosers movie full length review - millennial clerks

Start with a concept of a film about a shallow teen subculture.

The main highlighted features of this subculture are a high dependency on the so called social networks (and consequently on interfaces such as cell phones), and pretty much a 'basic' ignorance of all things past (anything older than a couple of years), be it history, cinema or music. Basically a narcissistic self-centered and self-absorbed standard view of the millennium generation.

Wrap a film around that concept, and make it work on two distinct layers:

- the film is written by Smith, who has a close but external view of that generation portrayed. On screen we have his surrogates, with Vanessa Paradis, Jennifer Smith and Johnny Depp. These 4 are literally the Parents of the girls (Jennifer is also the on-screen mother). The 4 provide the generational gap which (co)creates most of the jokes;

- The girls play themselves, with an (intended) ironic twist. They play themselves laughing at themselves.

- the whole film is conceived as a launching platform for Harley and Lily-Rose. The main setting being a Clerks-like store binds the dear themes of Smith and the new generation.

In between layers there are a number of forgettable jokes an sketches about Bratwurst Nazis with Kevin's face, Yoga teachers without self control, Canadian jokes (with the usual American disdain) and imitations of old cinema stars, unknown to the girls (the imitations are really well done). The only actor with a real sense of humor timing and expression is Depp, and the real gap for me here is not between generations, but between how well Depp comes out of this, when compared to the others. Except from what he does, pretty much everything else won't stay.

So you end up with a shallow film about a shallow theme, which was, i suppose, the intention.

Whether or not you laugh at the jokes will depend on how old are you, how much do you understand the references (as usual with Smith's geek driven films) and where you come from. I didn't get a lot from this.