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Sara lived a seemingly normal life before she had a Ouija board experience that unleashed a dark spirit. The spirit wants Sara to relive it's tortured past, and compels her to commit murder towards one of her family members or loved ones. Sara resists these threats and tries to stand against the power but she's forced to either watch her loved ones die one after the other, or obey the spirit and kill only one of them herself, as the spirit had done to her own son, long before. Sara must kill only one, and face the regret and pain of committing murder, or watch everyone around her die.

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You Will Kill movie full length review - Ouija?

Yes how about a game of Ouija? How about not. Of course it's not about what you believe is real or not. We're talking about people doing stuff despite things happening to them or around them.

Have to admit that the "You will kill" is far better than the "Ouija Summoning" title (or even Ouija Experiment 4" as it's called in Germany).

But I'll let you be the judge of that. Also the judge of the "performances". It's not that I did expect very good performances, but it is cringe-worthy and it does take a lot to digest some of the things called acting in this. Then again, it's horror and some do not expect more. Which is a shame and may be the reason why some folks look down on horror. Anyway, this is not good and you should avoid if possible