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Sara lived a seemingly normal life before she had a Ouija board experience that unleashed a dark spirit. The spirit wants Sara to relive it's tortured past, and compels her to commit murder towards one of her family members or loved ones. Sara resists these threats and tries to stand against the power but she's forced to either watch her loved ones die one after the other, or obey the spirit and kill only one of them herself, as the spirit had done to her own son, long before. Sara must kill only one, and face the regret and pain of committing murder, or watch everyone around her die.

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You Will Kill movie full length review - such a waste of time and poor plot

this was a long drawn movie... there seemed to be so much missing in the plot which leaves a lot unexplained for the viewer.

It seems that although freaky things were happening not a lot went into finding out why everything was occurring and why the spirit targeted the main character. Even the ending seemed so disconnected, i think the movie was hoping for a real deep ending with a true meaning but i was left quite puzzled. the whole movie came across as a b grade film but true to form once i had committed to the first forty mins i had to keep going, thinking the story line might pick up. really hope the sequel is better because i don't think you can get worse than this.