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A woman who is looking for acceptance, who's looking for love, who wants to be appreciated and who wants to belong find what she's looking for from her personal assistant.

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You're My Boss movie full length review - Good character building in a typical rom com

The story is typical rom com, where girl (Georgina) falls for an unlikely boy (Pong). Jadaone though, is able to write a storyline with witty dialogue that makes the cliché story easy to forgive.

Add to this the backdrop of beautiful Batanes and the able acting of the two leads, and this makes an entertaining two hour escape. The cliché I'm talking about is not only the boy-girl interaction but also the whole pretending situation that gets a big reveal in the end; in this case, Pong pretending to be Georgina's boss and they have to tell the "truth" to their Japanese business associate in the end. There are also occasional moments when Coco is acting strange, like he's gay. This is a nice feel good movie, mostly due to good characters developed by a good script.