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Zero movie full length review - Lacks in many areas

"Zero" is a half-hour (40 minutes with credits) short film that was actually released in 4 episodes earlier this year.

I am not familiar with any of the cast members, but Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender produced this one, which is probably the only reason why it is somewhat known. It basically takes us into a world where gravity stops existing. Unfortunately, neither these sci-fi aspects nor the dramatic relationships (especially father-son) between the characters were really convincing. The ending with the characters floating and hugging could have been a nice one, at least the idea is good, but with the mediocre action before that, it almost feels a bit pretentious. Anyway, this film proves that 2 world famous producers are not enough to make a movie work, even if it is a short film. I cannot really blame the actors either as they rely on what they were given to work with and that simply wasn't enough to make me recommend this film. I hope David Victore can step things up in the future and release improved films compared to this one here. Thumbs down.