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A young militia is all that stands between a coming dead horde and their rural town decimated by the fracking industry.

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Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard movie full length review - Keep This Trash In The Graveyard

When I recognized the first 3 actors in this cast, Mischa Barton, Billy Zane, and Dee Wallace, I thought there must be a decent attempt at making a good zombie movie. Wrong!

All 3 had forgettable performances and the only shocking thing (not really because I didn't care) was all 3 died before the final 10 minutes (not counting the credits).

Some of the main ingredients for a good zombie film are good-looking gory zombies, special effects, people getting eaten, and ZOMBIES! There's hardly any zombies till the end of the movie, and you hardly see any of them up close. The ones you do are lame. The worst looking zombie in The Walking Dead is far superior to any zombie in this movie. The makeup stinks, effects are non-existent (except for lame headshots), and not one good zombie munching scene.

This movie is boring and lacks any qualities of a good zombie movie. Bad acting performances all around, but the worst by a landslide is Michael Kean. The guy can't act and he's annoying. I would've given this movie 2 stars if he got killed. The doc played by Brian Anthony Wilson looks like Uncle Phil from the Prince of Bel-Air. This movie is only for hardcore zombie fans who will waste 90 minutes of their life.