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When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city.

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Zoombies movie full length review - Great comedy horror movie

This movie is a bit tongue in cheek. It literally feels like Jurassic Park as as it is introduced, and no wonder - it is a giant park and zoo and plays out much like a safari.

The park has a large automation system that can track animals, but what separates it from Jurassic Park is the number of interns that are arriving to help assist the park before it opens.

I can only wonder what the astronomical cost of building this kind of facility would be; but even more impressive is how they sequenced all of the shots together to get it to look the way that it did. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful.

Most of the characters in this film are nothing to write home about. The main park owner feels a certain amount of authority over everything; she gets to call a lot of shots and prove she is the boss. When things go awry, she is left as a mess that cannot keep control of anything anymore.

There is a scene with a zoo veterinarian as well as some assistance - it stands out a bit. The security personel also get some screen time with a few one liners. Everything else is mostly just characters running around trying to avoid zombified animals.

Did I say zombified animals? Yeah, a zoo vet decides it is okay to dump a serum into a dead monkey in hopes that it will suddenly start its heart. It does with huge consequences. Suddenly it starts to act like it has rabies and infects the other monkeys. Contact with other animals means they suffer the same fate. As it is, they seem to only want to rip apart humans. As this is an entire breeding ground for the 'virus' it means no human is safe and zombified animals could be lurking everywhere.

The movie quickly escalates into genius horror that feels reminiscent of a very high budget movie that still maintains roots in b-grade theatrics. Are the special effects overly used? Yes they are and they seem to be transparent about this. Animal visuals are not always real and they are obviously apparent at times. Is that a man in a gorilla suit? Believe it. For that matter, much of this movie feels a bit awkward and forced, but that is okay, this adds to the movie's charm.

I found this to be a fantastic watch, which is rare for survival horror. It is rare to see something this good, which I can compare with none other than Jurassic Park. I recommend this movie!

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