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When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city.

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Zoombies movie full length review - Atrocious, poorly acted and generally stupid

*******DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS, LOTS***************

Wow, there just aren't words to describe it. Awful, ridiculous, ludicrous are probably some to start with.

First of all the cause of the zombie animals is epinephrine.


So a doc has a monkey in full arrest and administers inter-cardiac epi which turns it into the first of the zoombies.


Don't even know where to start with that.

The acting is more of a caricature than anything real. Wooden. And the kid is creepy through a fair amount of the movie with that Stepford smile.

I won't even get into the two-way commercial radios they are supposedly using actually being cheap Chinese Ham radios which in the movie just happen to be on the police SWAT frequency as well as tied into the cellular phone network when they would actually be on a licensed business band freq. Not to mention they seem to be full duplex vox since no one ever presses the transmit button to talk.

All pretty much impossible. (Some cell interconnection on digital systems is possible but this ain't it)

I love how the security guy says they don't have cameras set up to see what's going on anywhere at the lab complex yet when they arrive at the lab there are cameras friggin everywhere and they are used throughout the rest of the film to see what's going on.

Got to love five lions surrounding the group less than a foot away ready to shred them to bits and eat them yet they manage to get into the jeep and get away just fine.

I could go on but it gets worse with the ending, with the mother killing the only friend that her little girl has in the world, the gorilla.

Really a waste of time to watch, sorry I spent 1 1/2 hours on it.