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This intimate drama follows Rebecca, a woman who has kept her sexuality a secret from her friends but chooses to reveal it to a stranger. While Rebecca's revelations may not yield the results she expects, a perfect ending is still in reach.

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A Perfect Ending movie full length review - Loved It But It Could Have Been Better

I love this movie for all the reasons other viewers have given. After seeing this movie, I am a forever fan of both Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark.

I can name only a few on-screen couples that can take your breath away with their chemistry -- they are in that small group. Add to that, their very moving performances filled with touches of brilliance and you find yourself totally swept up into their love story to the point of actually believing they could be a real couple. THAT IS RARE. They totally sold it. That is all we can ask of actors. So Niven and Clark did their part (their best) for this movie. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart because I now have a treasure to revisit, over and over, because of them. I wish the same could be said about the writer and director, Nicole Conn. She had gold in the palm of her hand and all she had to do was shape it and mold it into the greatest same-sex movie of all time. Instead, she chose to make this movie into an artsy showcase of her "creativity" while totally disregarding the feelings of the viewers. If she hadn't wasted so much time on close-ups of focused and out of focus objects, Paris in the white room suffering from guilt, Rebecca and Mason fighting over his molesting her daughter (which was completely pointless), Paris working on her art, Paris at work being with men as a hooker (disgusting and unnecessary), Paris having sex with her boyfriend/husband (also unnecessary), Ms. Conn could have, instead, spent that precious time developing the strong bond between Rebecca and Paris with their own words describing the growing love, passion, respect and need for each other. Alas, she didn't. She chose to leave much of that to the viewers' imagination while forming a bottomless pit of questions. Like, why didn't she show Paris informing Rebecca that she had left the service? (Rebecca's greatest dream for her.) Why didn't Paris ever say "I love you" to Rebecca even though we all knew she did. Why were the couple's words to each other during their love scenes drowned out by music or kept so low in sound that no one could hear them. And here's the biggest why of all. WHY make the ending the way it was made? To me, that is NOT a perfect ending. That is a terrible ending. And it could have been so easily avoided by changing the ending to one of pure joy for our beloved couple. Rebecca, right there by Paris' side, at the gallery showing of Paris' art. Both beaming happily, holding hands for all the world to see. Imagine the power that Nicole Conn possessed while writing this story. She could have chosen a more positive, more powerful message with this type of ending. Love triumphs over all. Any love. Even same-sex love. Instead, viewers who genuinely love this movie cannot watch it over and over to enjoy the love and the passion displayed between the beautiful leads without feeling the dark cloud hovering overhead. And that's not fair. There should have at least been two different endings made for the viewers to pick from. That would have been the fairest. Also, at the beginning of every "bonus scene" that was cut from the final film version that was released (available on the DVD version), Nicole Conn's voice can be heard saying how she hated to lose that particular scene but it had to be cut due to limited time. My advice to her: Cut, instead, all the artsy close-ups, all the unnecessary junk you put in and you would have had plenty of time for those beautiful extra scenes of Rebecca and Paris being together and lighting up the screen!