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While her mother is away on business, a young girl home alone with her older brother witnesses her neighbor's kidnapping. But no one believes her--not her brother, not the cops. So she takes matters into her own hands putting her life at risk to save her neighbor.

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Ace the Case: Manhattan Mystery movie full length review - Great movie for Church Youth Groups

After watching Ace the Case, I decided to show it at my church's back to school pizza party for our 8th grade youth group. The boys and girls equally loved it, as well as many adults.

Great story with a cute young actress and one of my favorites, Susan Sarandon. I can assure if you are trying to select something appropriate for almost all ages, Ace the Case will be a great pick that will please all and offend little. I find it very hard today to find films rated PG-13 that are truly suited for that age group and I am happy to recommend this to all. In a world with so much darkness this is an inspiring little film with a great message for our youth. The movie does start off a bit slow but once Sarandon hits the screen it quickly picks up and changes direction immediately. The "bad guys" are bad enough but not too much for a PG-13 film and there is no cursing! There is one drinking scene but it's really a cautionary tale and it certainly doesn't glamorize alcohol in any way. It actually does the opposite in a quite comical way. This is a great small film for all ages that will be in our family library to enjoy for years to come.