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The original American Pie characters have moved on, except for Sherman and Jim Levenstein's still understanding dad. Steve Stifler's little brother Matt wants to join his brother's business (the hit it big Girls Gone Wild) and after everything Matt has heard from Jim's band-geek wife Michelle, he plans to go back to band camp and make a video of his own: Bandies Gone Wild!

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American Pie Presents: Band Camp movie full length review - The inferior left-overs

The start of what was soon to come, many non-related spin-offs to the cult classic American Pie begins with Band Camp. I think this would have been much better if the original cast reprised their roles.

Having new actors feels a tiny bit out of place, but still, one can sort of feel the vague vibes of urgency and nostalgia from the original Pie trilogy.

This one revolves around Matt Stifler (Hilgenbrinck), who I will admit, has quite a resemblance to Sean William Scott (the previous Steve Stifler). When Matt ruins the band's performance by pepper spraying their instruments, one of the few returning castmates Chris Owen (The Sherminator), now the Guidance Counselor, sends Matt to "Band Camp." Matt then hears from a friend that there happens to be a lot of "sex" at Band Camp. He buys over $1,000 in spy technology to put in peoples' rooms, showers, and wherever girls lurk so he can turn his voyeuristic videos into a movie entitled "Bandeez Gone Wild".

Why is he doing this? So he can join the family business of making exploitation films so he can prove to his older brother that he is "The Stif-meister." Along the way he meets a girl he hasn't spoken to in about four years, Elyse Houston (Kebbel). He hides the fact he likes her to avoid being made fun of and continuously tries to impress her in the weirdest of ways.

He is a different person around friends. Around friends he is calm, cool, and collective. But around girls he is "The Stif-meister," according to Elyse.

Eugene Levy has a few scenes in Band Camp that assist in bringing back the vibes of the original trilogy. Normally, I'd view it as a desperate plea of a sequel to only have one original cast member return and have a few others occupy the names of original characters, but it seems as if we are taking a step in a completely different direction. A direction that features shameless nudity, gross-out humor, and ridiculous setups in order to capitalize and make money off of the original Pie films. Technically, with a few name changes, these spinoffs could easily extract the "American Pie Presents" from the title and just call themselves by their secondary name. Band Camp is close to the spirit of the original films, but lacks the heart and wit that the original series bathed in. It wasn't all about sex, but about characterization and morals. The trilogy wasn't mean-spirited, as much as it was cheery, welcoming, and sometimes, even heartwarming. The characters here are more like caricatures inhabiting the bodies of inferior people we are supposed to believe are related to one person from movies past. I guess the spirits were a bit indecisive.

Starring: Tad Hilgenbrinck, Arielle Kebbel, Eugene Levy, Chris Owen, Tara Killian, Terrick Johnson, and Jason Earles. Directed by: Steve Rash.