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Two scientists fight to save the planet after a group of terrorists destroy a particle accelerator.

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Annihilation Earth movie full length review - So bad, forced me to register to post this review

Truly, truly awful . . .

I am a TNG fan, so watched when I noticed Marina Sirtis name. But that accent . . . bad, bad, bad . . .

The plot should have allowed a reasonable film - scientists creation threatens extinction of the planet. Spoiler: It blows up. They do keep telling you that, so its not much of a spoiler. But there - I've saved you 90 minutes of your life you will never get back . . .

Other posters who try and say there is some good acting or other features are wrong.There isn't. Wearing a Bruce Willis radiation suit painted black apparently makes you pant when standing still, or trying to hobble (badly) across flat ground. Poor collagen lipped silicon breasted science assistants are probably really nice people, but weren't required here - they added nothing to script or story line. Make up on survivors in disaster scenes came out out of my three year olds paint set. Applied by a three year old. Raging fires in desolated city scenes came out of a 1990 video game - its so long since I've played it I cant remember what its called any more. And I don't think the console even works - just like this movie.

Other posters have given some of the plot holes big enough to drive Jupiter through.

For plot holes and bad acting, pick a scene, any scene, and I'll provide the list.

Some movies are so bad they are good.

This one isn't. Its just bad . . .