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Two losers from Milwaukee, Coop & Remer, invent a new game playing basketball, using baseball rules. When the game becomes a huge success, they, along with a billionaire's help, form the Professional Baseketball League where everyone gets the same pay and no team can change cities. Theirs is the only team standing in the way of major rule changes that the owner of a rival team wants to institute.

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BASEketball movie full length review - An enjoyable if forgotten comedy has an silly premise and an few genuine laughs.

Joe Cooper (Trey Parker) and Doug Remer (Matt Stone) are two likable slacker losers, who always thought they would have an better future for themselves.

When they go to the 10 year anniversary of their high-school Reunion. They invited an game on the spot, which they called it BASEketball by playing Basketball with Baseball rules! When their unusual game has become popular on their neighborhood, an creative millionaire Ted Denslow (Oscar-Winner:Ernest Borgnine) wants to make BASEketball an real official game. Which Cooper takes Denslow's offer on the spot. Which Denslow promises the rules to be restricted with every player is payed the same amount of money and no players will be traded. Five years has passed and Denslow still kept his promise until Denslow dies on choking on a Hot-Dog! Which Cooper receives the ownership rights of the team on Denslow's will. Cooper does everything he could by making the rules strict as he can until his team-mate/best friend Remer is been listening to an sport businessman Baxter Cain (Robert Vaughn). Which Cain tries to convinced Remer by taking an big money deal if he could convinced his best-friend Cooper by changing the official rules of BASEketball. Once the rules are changed, like any big Sports games like Baseball, Football, Hockey and others. The magic of the sport of BASEketball is gone and Cooper tries to bring the magic back into the game.

Directed by David Zucker (The Naked Gun Part 1 & 2, Scary Movie Part 3 & 4, My Boss's Daughter) made an entertaining, often funny comedy with some big laughs. Parker and Stone gives good comedic performances in this underrated film. Which Parker and Stone are best known for creating the hilarious TV Series "South Park". This film turned an major box office disappointment in the summer of 1998. Which it was badly marketed by the studio and not many people knew Parker and Stone. Which these two actors/filmmakers are much more known now than they were back in 1998. This film has an fine comedic supporting cast like Dian Bachar, Yasmine Bleeth, Jenny McCarthy, Bob Costas as himself and Al Michaels as himself.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer and an good-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD also includes an featurette, music video, original theatrical trailer and more. Although VHS Version had funny outtakes after the end credits, which they are not in the DVD! This film has some solid laughs, a few memorable gross-out gags but it's Bachar as the tortured BASEketball player Kenny has the better laughs in the movie. The film turns somewhat flat in the third act. Many real-life Game Players in different sports appears in amusing cameos. This film will appeal to die-hard fans of Zucker's work and as well for fans creators of "South Park". This would have been an better movie if Parker & Stone had they hands on the screenplay but sadly they didn't. It is still an good if under-appreciated comedy. Written by Zucker, Robert LoCash (Naked Gun 33 1/3:The Final Insult, High School High), Lewis Friedman and Jeff Wright. (*** ½/*****).