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Coming of age tale told through the eyes of 'Tu', an ambitious young man from Auckland who dreams of being a professional hip-hop dancer.

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Born to Dance movie full length review - Step-by-step old story, different location and crew

The best appeal "Born to Dance" could offer is its New Zealand root, not its storyline. It virtually has the same plot from many other dance movies, even dating back to decades before.

Fortunately, the dance choreography is smooth enough to get the momentum going and for several scenes, especially the later ones, it leaps above its cryptic narrative.

Story is tediously bland, this might appeal with audience unfamiliar to dance movie, but if one is exposed to "Step it Up" franchise or even "Magic Mike", there's nothing fresh in term of narrative. It's a tale of Tu (Tia Maipi), an aspiring dancer who auditions for K-Crew, the winner of many competitions. He soon finds out that his dream isn't as easily achievable as he thought.

It's filled with cliché such as the overly vilified antagonist, the love interest who is tied to said antagonist and the gathering of rejects in hope dethrone the defending champ led by the now motivated main character. This rigid formula follows things already done in almost exact screenplay and the magic wears off fast.

The good parts come, like many other dance movies, when they leave the dialogue and communicate with body language. It has few of the uplifting choreography and it uses the culture aspect appropriately. There are some sketchy scenes where the visual feels drab, but when the music hits it holds up pretty nicely.

"Born to Dance" won't revolutionize the dancing genre or take it by storm, but in its core it's a light fun movie saved by the distinct choreography.