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On the verge of bankruptcy and desperate for his big break, aspiring filmmaker Bobby Bowfinger concocts a crazy plan to make his ultimate dream movie. Rallying a ragtag team that includes a starry-eyed ingenue, a has-been diva and a film studio gofer, he sets out to shoot a blockbuster featuring the biggest star in Hollywood, Kit Ramsey -- only without letting Ramsey know he's in the picture.

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Bowfinger movie full length review - Funny and inventive satire of the movie industry – the best work by either of the stars for quite some time.

Two comedy stars whose careers were dead in the water in 1999 were Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin.

Murphy had made one undistinguished time-filler after another (Holy Man, Metro and Vampire In Brooklyn among them), while Martin had fared even worse (with the likes of Mixed Nuts and Sgt Bilko particular weak links on his CV). Ironically both had enjoyed wonderful early careers, full of energetic and hilarious films and performances (The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid for Martin; Trading Places, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop for Murphy). I remember seeing Bowfinger sitting on a video store shelf about a year after its release at the cinemas. I'd never had any interest in seeing in on the big screen, and the only reason I contemplated renting it that evening was that I'd seen just about every other movie in the store. Rent it I did?. and much to my surprise it turned out to be a rather good satire on low budget film-making. In fact, I'd venture to say that it is the best film that either of the stars made during the 90s.

Low budget movie director Bobby Bowfinger (Marin) reads a script by his Arabian accountant Afrim (Adam Alexi-Malle). The script, entitled "Chubby Rain", deals with an alien invasion of the world, and Bowfinger is certain that it has the makings of a great movie. Bowfinger tells a dubious studio executive that he is about to make one of the greatest films of all-time, and lies that he has acquired the talents of the world's no.1 box office star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) to play the leading role. The studio executive doesn't really believe Bowfinger, but says that if he can prove Kit Ramsey is aboard for the project he will release the film. Of course, Bowfinger doesn't really have Ramsey, nor is there any realistic chance of him getting him on his meagre budget, so he ingeniously decides to shoot the film without telling Ramsey that he is in it. A highly non-professional team of actors and crew follow Ramsey around, secretly filming his movements, while sending actors up to him in the street to do their "scenes". The ruse seems to be working up to a point, but the problem comes when Ramsey actually starts believing that he is caught up in some kind of weird alien invasion conspiracy, and seeks help from his psychiatrist (Terence Stamp) to fight off the demons.

Martin wrote the film as well as starring in it, and his evident enthusiasm sees him give his best comic turn for many years. Murphy also has a superb dual role, oozing arrogance and bewilderment as Ramsey while providing great laughs as Kit's nerdy younger brother Jiff. In one of the great comedy scenes of all-time, Bowfinger orders Jiff to run across a busy freeway, telling him that the drivers are all professional stunt drivers when in actual fact that are nothing of the sort! By pure good luck, Jiff makes it across unscathed, tears of fear rolling down his face. There's also a brilliant ending to the film, where Bowfinger's film "Chubby Rain" is such a surprise hit that he is asked to go to Taiwan to make a martial arts movie, and we are treated to some hilarious spoof scenes from his kung-fu masterpiece! Another great scene features Bowfinger picking up a bunch of illegal Mexican immigrants as they are shot at attempting to cross the border so that he can employ them as camera crew on his production! Bowfinger goes through a couple of slow patches it's true, and the plethora of in-jokes may not be to everyone's taste, but on the whole it is a tremendously enjoyable film?. and proof that dormant careers can be rescued when the material is right.