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Chucky hooks up with another murderous doll, the bridal gown-clad Tiffany, for a Route 66 murder spree with their unwitting hosts.

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Bride of Chucky movie full length review - Easily the best sequel in the CHILD'S PLAY series.

BRIDE OF CHUCKY is perhaps the best sequel in the CHILD'S PLAY franchise! wherein the first three films took a more serious approach to a killer doll stalking the unwary, BRIDE OF CHUCKY take a far more comedic route & as a result, it winds up being highly enjoyable!

It's fun to watch & it's jokes are always on target. It contains some pretty inventive kills & many gross out moments to help wet the appetites of even the most jaded of horror fans. Best of all, the film is loaded to the eye balls with pitch black humour & satirical references, such as Tiffany using "VOODOO FOR DUMMIES" book to revive Chucky, the two dolls have sex (we see their silhouettes on the wall) Chucky drinking from a fish bowl, pulling a ring off a severed finger & giving it to Tiffany etc. The dialogue is absolutely hilarious at times. The two fighting when she makes dinner for him & yet he refuses to clean the dishes. Being that the film arrived during the whole SCREAM series phenomenon, it's no surprise that Part 4 would be just as self satirical & self referencing as pretty much any theatrically released horror film of the era, however unlike most horror films at the time, BRIDE OF CHUCKY'S swiping of the SCREAM formula actually works here! it's cleverly interwoven into the screenplay, where it makes it not so obvious. Director RONNY YU & company let us know that this is a different, fresher, CHILD'S PLAY sequel, as we see a police evidence locker containing the Crate from CREEPSHOW, Jason's hockey mask, Michael Myers mask, Freddy Kruger's glove & Leatherface's chainsaw & Andre Toulon's puppets from PUPPET MASTER, which is cited as a rip-off of the original CHILD'S PLAY, since it came out almost immediately after it's arrival. A theory which I disagree with, since Full Moon Entertainment has been making killer doll movies long before the first CHILD'S PLAY even came out. Ironcially enough, MATT ROE who played a psychic in that movie, was cast as a cop in CHILD'S PLAY 2. By the way, if you don't know who any of these characters I mentioned are, then you shouldn't be seeing this movie! & HELLRAISER's own lead villain Pinhead is also referenced later on, when Chucky embeds a series of nails into a victims face, to which he replies: Where have I seen that before? One of the characters is also named Damien Baylock which is a reference to THE OMEN, who's lead villain, a child, was named Damien & who's nanny was a woman called Mrs. Baylocks.

Being that this is a new CHILD'S PLAY movie, the film-makers update Chucky's look as well, he looks like a stapled & stitched up Frankenstein doll. Not surprising, since the films title is a spoof on THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, in fact, that very movie is playing on the TV moments before Tiffany is killed, in a kill scene that was originally written for the death of the babysitter character in the first CHILD'S PLAY movie (the psychologically driven draft called BLOOD BUDDY) & replaced with a scene where the character in that movie is killed with a hammer, this is also spoofed in the movie, as Chucky considers killing a victim via a hammer to the head & Tiffany replies that it's: To lame & predictable. Arguablly the stitched up look for Chucky is cited by many as being Chucky's definitive look. The film's main plot of the two dolls trying to return to human form, by switching bodies, is yet again the focal point of the film but it doesn't dominate it & it's not repetitive. However it makes one wonder why if the amulet Chucky seeks could help restore him to human form, (despite now being human inside the doll) he never went after it prior to this, is questionable. Wisely the film-makers do away with Chucky's pursuit of Andy Barclay & ventures off into an entirely new fresher direction. Which was desperately needed after the abysmal box office performance of Part 3 some seven years prior.

The direction is great! RONNY YU'S camera movements & direction are really stylish & help suit the tone of the movie. It's very professional. The acting is even better. JENNIFER TILLY is amazing as Tiffany, nobody could have played that role like she did! KATHARINE HEIGEL...Everyone! I especially liked the late JOHN RITTER who does a terrific job of playing her sneaky low life, spiteful uncle. Ironically enough, his son Jason would also work with director Yu, on FREDDY VS. JASON some years later, another box office smash hit that, much like CHILD'S PLAY, helped revive the two ailing horror franchises. Also worth of note is how GRAEME REVELL who does a terrific score here, also scored CHILD'S PLAY 2 & FREDDY VS. JASON.

In the end, BRIDE OF CHUCKY has more flesh to the characters & story & plenty of enjoyable new twists & turns, that it stands out as not just another CHILD'S PLAY sequel. But something far better than that. Everyone who made the film, was clearly having fun & it shows. Great doll creations by KEVIN YAGHER. Despite it's silly concept, the film is so much fun & a must see for horror fans! It's never once campy & best of all, it delivers a fun, highly entertaining thrill ride, that any horror fan would want. The ending leaves a set up for a sequel that ironically enough, despite this films huge box office success, took some six years to come to the screen, in the form of a sadly tepid entry entitled: SEED OF CHUCKY

**** stars