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Distraught by the suicide of her gay friend Matt, Alexa travels from Amsterdam to her dead friend’s small American town, hoping to uncover the reasons that led Matt to take his own life. She arrives with a backpack, her video camera and intentions to make a film about what it must be like to be gay in Bumblefuck, USA. At the end of her hot summer weeks in Bumblefuck, she’s made a new special friend, clashed with others, and ultimately discovered more about herself than she could ever have imagined.

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Bumblefuck, USA movie full length review - Meandering but endearing

There is very little information here on this film so here is a bit of a summary.

Alexa (Smits) is a naive but direct girl, in the Scandinavian tradition (blonde, attractive, matter-of-fact in relation to sex). She flies from Amsterdam to a small town in Iowa (Bumblefuck is apparently slang for the middle of nowhere), the home of a friend (the extent of their relationship is never made clear), Matthew, who committed suicide after coming out as gay.

The film is interspersed with Alexa's interviews of gay men and women talking about such subjects as their first kisses, coming out and suicide attempts.

Along the way Alexa has casual and unsatisfactory sex with a guy she meets in a cemetery, before falling for a gay artist, Jennifer (Heidi M. Sallows) and tantalises her lonely landlord, Lucas (John Watkins).

I must admit to liking this film. Some of the sentiments in the interviews were a little mawkish for my taste but the story rang true and it is worth watching just for the introduction to Cat Smits.