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A father living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young kids tries to assimilate back into society.

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Captain Fantastic movie full length review - Wonderful. Important. Watch and think.

**** May contain strong spoilers ****

This is a review made by StoneDraim... and that means that if you want to read a probably different kind of review, keep reading....

This is my personal experience, my personal point of view/perspective and my personal opinion... and my opinion is just one of like 7 billions in this world.

Once in a while, a movie comes forward that has an very innovative (almost strange) script that is produced and fabricated in an solid and splendid way. A kind of motion picture that creates something that has seemed to be boring, yet grows the fascinating sides of both the story and the telling. Captain Fantastic is on of those productions. An family living out in the wild, blended with modern tools and facilities to a certain limit. A father creating maybe a deranged reality for his children when trying to give love in an disciplined and structured way. A situation where the mother is drawn into sickness and crushes the "illusion" of the bad and over explicit society that only exists to consume; she is deadly ill and suddenly the arranged living out in the woods is threatened in is own purpose.

Captain Fantastic raises so many questions and tries at the same time to get around and clear up some of our times most discussed matters; where is Mother Earth going? Is it the best way of saving the planet in getting back to the wild far from the awareness from the modern society? Is the possible dystopian future a blend of a world devastated from it's population (the humans) and a strong sense of the nature as it once was? Or is all this only psychological and philosophic thoughts that only thrives from peoples own energy? Is it right for anyone to convince, convey and force a certain lifestyle on and to another human being from the perspective of trying to do something good? Can the human be absolute in objectivity and absolute in being neutral? Is there dangerous things everywhere for children, or can adults and dependants explain and deliver awareness in such way that the "dangerous things" fades away.... as of giving children real hunting knifes? Is it true and/or right to give children a "world" of logic (in a way) and intelligence, and make the emotional and social environments and developments some kind of obsolete?

The environments and atmosphere in this movie is beautiful and sad simultaneously. A vast movie that contemplates and deliver. A motion picture to reflect around... and cherish, if so. A movie that really reaches out there and works its way through the screen to spell some kind of message, that is for the viewer to read. I thought this were important to watch.

A metaphor that is to the spot. Around 43 minutes. The father (Viggo Mortensen) is having trouble with the fact that his wife has committed suicide and tries to hold the family intact. In the store, he is having a heart attack (or did he... or was it?), and at the same time a song is played in the stores PA system... "My heart will go on".

The dialogue within the whole concept, both verbally and visually, is outstanding. Well written and well displayed. You have to see and listen for yourself. About 33 minutes into this one. A great and truthful dialogue about both explaining sexuality to a child and at the same time being straight forward in a very informed matter and way. When the understanding comes forward and the truth and transparency of the communication between human beings flourishes, love and understanding is letting us feel and become more of ourselves.

As an pedagogue in real life, I have had several discussions around where (if there is a where) the line goes of telling children the exact truth and being calm and straight forward in a loving way at the same time. This movie, "Captain Fantastic" digs right into this matter, and I love it. With total truth, love, calm, harmony, peace and a display of details, children almost always understand and grasp the exact situation and information. I adore this film in that way.

An example of dialogue: Girl: "Claire." Bodevan: "Bodevan." Girl: "Bodevan....? What kind of name is that?" Bodevan: "My parents made it up." Girl: "They made it up...?" Bodevan: "Yes. It is unique. There is only one of me in the entire world." This kind of dialogue would make this film be nominated for an Academy Award.

Again....and again....and again.... everybodys name's Jack (Frank Langella).....

Last and maybe most important: "The real world". What is that.............?

At the end of the movie, I found myself clap my hands for the great picture and story.

Over to the movie as a product: - The production : Solid! Splendid! I think I got the point out there now... - The actors : Viggo Mortensen is very stable and sound in his character. He delivers a firm man that believes in something very passionate. Wherever Viggo is, there is quality. So in here. Amazing actors and amazing director: Matt Ross, thank you for this extraordinary piece. - Entertainment : You have to see this to believe it yourself. A movie can be this good, yes. And raise so much at the same time. Still.... I think this movie divides people into two; total ignorance or total love. - Age : A very hard thing to grasp and say. Probably is 11 a fair age, despite the fact that things is hidden and hold from children... for their own safety and sake?

8,1 out of 10. (The final rate is based most on my own entertainment of the movie. Short elucidation of the rating: 8 Excellent movie and a solid production 7 Well made movie. Proper entertainment.)