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After the passing of her mother, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth, is forced to deal with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, Nica discovers the culprit might be a strange doll she received a few days earlier.

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Curse of Chucky movie full length review - Welcome back old friend to the end!

The Child's Play series has always been near and dear to my heart as an 80's slasher fan. So my expectations for this were huge! However, I also knew that the odds of it being decent were pretty low.

I mean its been nearly ten years since its predecessor and twenty five years since the original and this one was straight to video. However, they did a lot of things right to make sure this went okay. Ensuring they brought back Brad Dourif, connecting the film so intrinsically to the first Child's Play and letting the mastermind behind the entire Chucky franchise get back to the helm. These three things made sure it was not a disaster. It wasn't perfect, in fact I felt like the pacing was way off. The first hour of the film really drags itself out but they are telling a story and setting the stage so I can't fault them for that. The atmosphere is certainly more creep than gore and it is 45 minutes before we even hear Chucky's iconic voice (but its the perfect Chucky line!!) Finally things start to take off and we get treated to what any fan of Child's Play will remember as classic Chucky. I had heard that they were going to ignore Bride and Seed but that rumour was completely unfounded and one of the most brilliant aspects of this movie is how it ties everything together. I kept thinking that they had changed Chucky's look a little bit and I was disappointed at first and then much to my amazement there was a reason behind it all. Chucky's first official kill (the one we get to see) is freakin brilliant and finally brings back to fruition the classic 80's slashers that simply don't exist anymore.

People always say about 80's slashers...no one could play --insert homicidal maniac's name here---better than whomever. So far they've replaced everyone from Freddy Kreuger to Pinhead and Brad Dourif has never been much more than the voice of Chucky and yet he has done it so brilliantly that I simply wouldn't accept anyone else behind the little murderous doll. His voice is brilliant for the role and hasn't wavered for a minute in 25 years. He is as strong as ever as Chucky and the only unfortunate part is that he doesn't have as many lines as he has had in previous films. Still Dourif is awesome as always. His real life daughter Fiona Dourif stars in the film as our "scream queen" Nica. I wasn't sure what to expect from her but she is actually excellent in her role. Its an interesting angle to have her in a wheelchair and it really made her character fascinating. Danielle Bisutti is appropriately awful as her sister Barb. She is unlikable and nasty and you wait in anticipation for Chucky to show her what's what...and he does...oh he does in one of the best Chucky scenes and lines in years. So Bisutti does a good job of making you not like her which is the entire point in many ways. Brennan Elliott is okay as Barb's husband Ian. He doesn't really have a lot of lines and very few effective scenes so he's just sort of there as fodder for Chucky. Maitland McConnell is decent as the nanny, Jill. You know for sure she is there for fodder and I would have thought the gratuitous nudity shot (although she had none besides a brief underwear scene.) She was good but not great and there strictly to support the story. Summer Howell was very good as the young Alice who befriends Chucky first. I think one of the things that made Child's Play so brilliant was the bizarre connection between the serial killer doll and the young Andy so having her in this brought back some of that awkward chemistry.

Don Mancini is an 80's horror master and I am so glad he hasn't lost his style. In fact this is the first 80's slasher sequel that I felt like it kept much of its style and flavour from the original. There are a few subtle nods to the first film and the ending had been giggling in glee as a fan of the series. The ambiguous ending was perhaps slightly unnecessary but if they are honestly leading to another one...BRING IT ON!! Why this didn't go to theatres I will never understand because I would have paid twice to see this and loved every minute of it and I know Child's Play fans would agree. Mancini's style is absolutely noticeable with long shots and high ceiling shots that give you a terrifying real look at everything. The death count perhaps wasn't as high or quite as original as they used to be and the ending did feel a little rushed, and the first part of the film dragged a little but I wasn't disappointed with the whole picture. This was a ton of fun and I thought the old school slasher genre was dead and gone for me so welcome back Chucky and do yourself a favour and add this to your Child's Play collection because its a gory, thrilling treat. 8/10