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A cat and mouse chase between a Mexican undocumented worker and an American vigilante.

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Desierto movie full length review - The Desert - El Desierto: GoodTragic movie

Saturday, 15 October 2016: I decided to see the movie; "Desert/Desierto" starring talented Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal and American actor Jeffrey D. Morgan who looks a lot like Spain's star, the talented Javier Bardem who is married to pretty actress Penelope Cruz.

The movie is good and well acted by Gael who is running for his life in the desert with the last survivor, Mexican actress, Alondra Hidalgo as Adela. The rest of the illegals have all been killed off by a racist Caucasian White man who has taken the law into his own hands. The positive is that the acting is top notch on all the main characters.

The negative is No helpless illegal immigrants deserve to be killed, arrested and deported sure, but not murdered. In every movie, some race has to play the bad evil character. That is just a real life fact. The rest of the supporting actors does not move the story along. This movie could have been done with just Gael, Alondra and Marco Perez as Lobo.

The script could have been better written to cover some questions that would come to mind, such as we never see anyone stop to release bodily fluids in the desert, we do Not see them eating food, just one rest stop for water. They are not robots nor superhuman. We never see them sleeping at night time. If the victims are sleeping, we never see them and we never see them with heavy coats and no blankets to keep warm at night. Then there is the one nasty man in the group who wants to have sex with Adela. What was going on in his nasty mind? What a disgusting idiot. If she had given into him, where were they going to have sex at in the desert, in front of everybody, which could have lead to a gang bang on the poor girl. No man in that situation would be thinking about sex.

This movie reminds me a little of an action movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme title: "Hard Target" where poor humans are being hunted and killed, but without the racism factor. The last one to survive is Jean Van Damme and the last one to survive here is Gael Bernal and the girl.

I was thrilled when Gael finally killed the dog, but he should have had a few more flairs for his flair gun. Near the end, there were a few opportunities where Gael could have killed Jeffrey's bad guy especially when Gael was standing on the top cliff looking down at him below. Once Gael was hiding directly behind him, he could have ran and given a good push to knock the bad guy over the cliff.

The ending where, Gael's character should have shot and killed him dead, showed much mercy as God and Jesus Christ (Yeshua) have shown us all many times in our lives when we commit sins and willfully do wrong. I highly doubt the two of them would have survived with still such a long ways to walk since they had not eaten nor had any water to drink in days/nights.