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A cat and mouse chase between a Mexican undocumented worker and an American vigilante.

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Desierto movie full length review - Good visuals, not much else

Desierto stars Gael Garcia Bernal, and Jefrey Dean Morgan, and its the story of some immigrants (including Gael Garcia Bernal) going to the U.S, but in order to go there, they need to cross the border.

Then an American sees them and starts hunting them. First thing, the camera-work is pretty good. I was constantly impressed with the work of the camera man. Thats probably the only great thing about this movie. Desierto has absolutely no substance, it is just a simple cat and mouse movie. But it doesn't give you that feel of tension, because you simply don't care about the characters. The movie does not take the time to develop the characters, so we don't care about them, making the film feel bland and boring. The acting overall was alright, not awful, not excellent, just in the middle. As i previously stated, the cinematography is great, there are a lot of wide and long shots, so no problems there. The villain has absolutely no motivation, we don't know why he wants to kill them, so we don't identify with the villain. The blood and gore looked really cheap, there is rarely any logic in this film, characters do things without explanation and understanding and overall, just a boring movie with absolutely no character depth. 4.5/10