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An extraordinary, spell-binding journey through the realms of nature to discover that the natural world is stranger, more magical, more mystical than anything you could possibly imagine. You'll be propelled from enchanted forests to the edge of the underworld, from a paranormal planet into fantastical seas, from celestial mountains through mercurial waters, finally to experience the ultimate celebration of nature's magic, the greatest gathering of wildlife on Earth. You won't believe your eyes or ears as you meet amazing creatures and experience nature as it's never been seen before, eye-to-eye with the creatures, on an adventure where you will truly believe the real world is more extraordinary and awe-inspiring than any fiction.

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Enchanted Kingdom movie full length review - Visually Stunning Nature Documentary

This is a review of "Enchanted Kingdom" (look at BBC website etc, its not called Enchanted Kingdom 3D, IMDb is in error.)

A Nature Documentary that takes you all over the world.

Beautiful scenes and camera work, interesting, and sometimes comical animals. Like the dancing desert lizard.

Leaves you with a fun and positive message.

Idris Elba (aka Stringer Bell) did a great job with the Narration as well.

The narration is done to a general audience and not panders only to children (Like Bears 2014), which is great.