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Colin, an ambitious young American businessman, has a deal with a potential client, a rich Arab sheikh who is a passionate pigeon fancier. The sheikh has tried several times to buy a champion pigeon, but the owner continues to stubbornly refuse his offer. In an attempt to gain the trust of the Sheikh, Colin offers him a deal: if he manages to convince the owner to sell the champion pigeon, the sheikh will agree to do business with Colin's company. But when Colin meets Jos, the grumpy owner of the pigeon, and Isabella, his granddaughter, he realizes that this mission will not be as easy as he had hoped.

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Flying Home movie full length review - Dornan Does it Again!!!

With the release of Jamie Dornan's newest film i decided to do a Jamie Dornan week and go through all his body of work.

From watching him as Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey" to watching him play serial Killer Paul Spector in "The Fall" Jamie Dornan can pack a punch. So when i came across this film i decided it was defiantly on the top of the list of movies staring Jamie Dornan i wanted to see and I'm glad i did.

This movie was fantastic! Dornan and Charlotte De Bruyne had a chemistry that came out in their filming with one another. I wouldn't go out and say this is a romance movie since this movie focused on the connection of a man and his love for birds and Colin's(Dornan) struggle to understand the bond between owner and bird and Isabelle(De Bruyne) helps him see the man underneath the suit and helps him find the connection between not only the love of family but the love of all things.

This movie is a must see for the soft hearted and yes the romantics in the world.

Dornan and De Bruyne have it in this touching film.

But this could just be me, I'm an Indie film lover at heart and this was my kind of movie.