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Three lovable party buds try to bail their friend out of jail. But just when the guys have mastered a plan, everything comes dangerously close to going up in smoke.

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Half Baked movie full length review - I don't even know nobody named Ol' James!

Tamra Davis is a g*damned genius, i swear. She manages to get a pumping little message across while delivering the laughs by the bucketload.

And Dave Chapelle, gangly, weird but extremely funny in that unpredictable, zany way, easily delivers the funniest line when he says "Do I look like someone that would smoke...*whispers* mari-juana?" Trust me, when u see him say that line the irony is nothing short of hilarious.

The message is, quite simply, that weed's got a bad rap over the years for being a "gateway drug" and that it's not a "soft" drug or whatever, and nowhere in the film is this rammed home more than in the "Rehab" scene. No, I don't know anyone that's ever "sucked d*ck for marijuana", either...haha. This is all despite the fact that many people use weed all the time and never become junkies or "flip out" and go nuts.

This will especially strike a chord with smokers, but anyone can enjoy the zaniness of this movie, although i will say the target audience has been well catered for :) The last scene is particularly good in its appeal to smokers and non smokers. For everyone who thinks Thurgood gave up weed for good, go back and watch the end again. As he's ditchin the spliff she (the spliff) yells "You'll be baaaaack!" and does he contradict her? Nup.

It's one of those endlessly quotable movies that you can stick on whenever and enjoy.

"Will u guys shutup about weed for one second? I don't want this girl to know I smoke!" "Yeah it's bad enough you're a janitor, yo!" "Custodian!"

"Why u gotta make me feel inferior coz I'm on the grill, B?"

And a zillion other gems :) Whoops, forgot to actually include a plot summary...(*ding* Marijuana affects the memory *ding*) Roll a big fat one and enjoy!