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Lazarus Fell, a former naval intelligence officer trained in black ops and tasked with tracking down the most wanted Terrorist in the world, has gone rogue, realizing his mission has been inexplicably compromised by his own chain of command. As a result, Lazarus has faked his own death, forsaken his life, his family and all that matters to him in the world, to continue his solitary pursuit. But he has personal motivations as well, believing his father, Solomon Fell, Chief of Operations for the Office of Naval Intelligence, was killed in the attacks of 9/11 – the event masterminded by the selfsame Terrorist.

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Harodim movie full length review - must-see...empathy!

Rather than waste time with unproven details that side-track us into non-constructive debate over minutae, this film provides a chance to access our feelings and empathise with the actors on both sides of 9/11 events.

***spoiler*** Peter Fonda turns up towards the end of the movie and takes over the show. He doesn't just act, but you can tell he's speaking from the heart - a fact which is confirmed by watching the making of on the very worthwhile DVD.

I agree with the previous reviewer that the black-ops dude is a little young and fantastic. This is less a fault of the producers, but of the movie world per se: the lie that it's "up to a lone hero to conquer the bad guy" - rubbish...

...but that in no way hampers the great value of this picture. To me personally, Harodim is in a category with "Margin Call": soothing opportunity to see past arbitrary details and whodunits and access universal laws we deal can deal with in this lifetime or ignore at our peril!

I truly hope Harodim doesn't get buried in the States, or reduced to a "conspiracy" pic. More than that, it is a work of art. You needn't be part of the whole "Loose Change" truther movement to enjoy this film!

Harodim makes a valiant effort to connect the dots, starting with the CIA-Afghanistan-Bush-Laden connection, up to and including the tragedy of 911 that we all still chew on, like it or not!!

*** spoiler *** best summed up in its own words from the excellent script: (I'm quoting from memory) "we inevitably channel our energy either into art or war". The guys who made Harodim did the right thing: art with a conscience, but attempting (IMO - successfully!) to keep prejudice to a minimum. One or two factual errors I happily ignore, and feel sorry for anyone who rips the movie because of them. I am grateful I came across this DVD, and am about to re-watch it momentarily. PEACE!