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'Hitting the Apex' is the inside story of six fighters – six of the fastest motorcycle racers of all time – and of the fates that awaited them at the peak of the sport. It’s the story of what is at stake for all of them: all that can be won, and all that can be lost, when you go chasing glory at over two hundred miles an hour – on a motorcycle.

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Hitting the Apex movie full length review - Beyond my High Expectations, Outstanding!

I was at the International Motorcycle show this last weekend in Long Beach and met Mark Neale who I got my DVD through.

Just sat and watched the movie with my wife and two boys and it was one of the best movie nights we have spent together because this movie was amazing. We were riveted from beginning to the end. The way the movie followed and built on the racers kept you riveted to your seat. My wife loved it also because it became so personal with the racers and really gave depth to what really goes on in MotoGP. Brad Pitt as the narrator put this movie over the top. Thanks for making it that much better Brad. I regret not getting Mark Neale's Faster while I was at his booth but luckily I can purchase it. Whether you are into racing or not you will not be sorry you watched this movie. Mark we are looking forward to the next one, keep them coming.