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The story of a drifter named Paul who arrives in a small town seeking revenge on the thugs who murdered his friend. Sisters Mary Anne and Ellen, who run the town's hotel, help Paul in his quest for vengeance.

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In a Valley of Violence movie full length review - Saw an early showing of this... Very Enjoyable.

I saw an early showing of this film many months bock, and can promise Everyone... if you like Westerns, even just a little... You Will enjoy this film as well.

I walked into the theater not even knowing what to expect (as it is with most early previews of films), just having a basic idea that its going to be a western, based somewhat on revenge. I almost decided not to go too... but damn, I am glad I did. It moves at a decent pace, had really good characters, and even months later I still think of random scenes from it. There has been an increase in westerns lately, most being pretty good, and this one is no exception.?

I decided to write a review about it now because I honestly want people to go see this film and help it be a success. All the actors in it do an outstanding job, and the story keeps you entertained the whole time. Remember, I saw a early cut too... so it may have even been improved on by now, though even if it hasn't it wouldn't matter, its a great film regardless.