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Two sisters on Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean, with oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.

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In the Deep movie full length review - A torture for divers

I'm used to a lot of nonsense when it comes to diving in films and I can usually tolerate it, but "47 Meters Down" has such enormous disregard for the physics of diving that I couldn't even enjoy its cheap pleasures.

The two girls stay about 45 min in a depth of 47 meters (in shorties - they shouldn't shiver because of the sharks but from the cold). With 10 liter tanks and normal air. The "experienced" diver (who needs way more air than the total rookie!) "explains" that they have to stop 5(!) minutes on their way up for decompression (the duration of their dive doesn't seem to matter, it's always 5 minutes - lol). Fact: For a 24 min dive to 45 Meter you already have 28 minutes of decompression time (1 min at 12 m, 4 min at 9 m, 7 min at 6 m and 16 min at 3 m); I didn't find a decompression table for longer dive time but I'm positive their decompression times would have been way above an hour. Nitrogen poisoning - especially when combined with hypothermia and stress - can start right away and already in depths from 30 m plus. Long dives with normal air below 40 meters also lead inevitably to oxygen poisoning which also increases over time. Last but not least because of the water pressure of almost 6 bars in 47 meters each breath takes in about 6 times the amount of air (compared to the surface). That's about 18 l each breath. A full 10 l tank (200 bar) contains about 2000 l of air. Do the math. When planning a deep dive to below 40 m you usually expect 5-10 minutes bottom time max because including descend, ascend and decompression that's all the time you have before you run out of air - and you'd take 12 or 15 l tanks. Apart from the fact that physics were not dumbed down but rather declared non-existent in the script, the movie consisted of cheap scares and atrocious dialogue. Mandy Moore, why do you have to do something like that? At least the digital sharks looked alright - but of course did as the script needed them to without any attempt to justify their behavior.