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Battle-scarred and disillusioned by the war, Corporal Chris Merrimette is put in charge of a unit whose next mission is to resupply a remote outpost on the edge of Taliban-controlled territory. While driving through the hostile Helmand province, a Navy SEAL flags down their convoy and enlists the unit on an operation of international importance: they must help an Afghan woman famous for her defiance of the Taliban escape the country. Without tanks or air support, Merrimette and his team will need all the courage and firepower they can muster to fight their way across the war-torn country and shepherd the woman to safety.

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Jarhead 2: Field of Fire movie full length review - Plot holes

To start off, I thought the movie was "okay" at best. The beginning of the movie was great, the plot was strong and engaged me right away. But as time went on, the plot started to thin, the acting got worse, the dialogue bored me, but i still had hope for this film.

One of the larger, suspenseful scenes, yet one of the worst was when they were sitting on the road in defensive position for a possible IED, waiting for another squad to show up. This lasted hours in the film and about 25-35 real time. Finally, one of the soldiers emerged from the vehicle to check on the possible IED. Sure enough there was one, and of course he was able to deactivate it. While this scene ate up 30 minutes of your time, the suspense wore off after the first 5-7 minutes, when you realized nothing was happening.

Finally moving on from that... they moved on and later engaged the enemy... These action scenes were actually quite impressive, given the previous scenes. Moving on from the cliché, battle scenes?. They meet a lone Navy Seal, who has a woman who is fleeing the country. They meet up, take them in and keep moving on?. This is where the plot falls off its original path and starts to fade off into a new story line. They Army team originally assigned to moving goods between bases, now "has" to help this navy seal deliver this girl or as referred to the movie as the "Package". They then take you on this mission, where more and more members of the original Army squad die off, and the cliché war movie effect starts to take over. Over all, if you're looking for a war movie, just to watch? that really doesn't lead anywhere and sends you on a journey of random missions? this is the movie for you. 5 out 10 stars.