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Corporal Evan Albright (Charlie Weber) joined the elite Marine Corps Security Guards to save the world and see some action-not necessarily in that order. But his first assignment, protecting a U. S. Embassy in a seemingly safe Middle Eastern capitol, relegates his unit to wrangling "gate groupies" protesting outside the compound and honing their marksmanship by playing video games. So Albright and his team are caught off guard when well-armed and well-trained militants launch a surprise attack aimed at killing an informant in the embassy. Heavily out-gunned, they will have to muster all the courage and fire power they can as their once routine assignment spirals into all-out war.

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Jarhead 3: The Siege movie full length review - Movie makers need to learn

This movie was bad on so many levels.

1. unrealistic, the "freedom fighters standing in mid open places, with 5 guns pointing and hooting at them and they don't get hit, after like 100 bullets go past them, and if they had missed at least they would hit the people behind with how center clustered they stood. as well as standing in the middle of a hallway, no cover. not hit once, not before you give the "guy we don't trust" a gun to prove himself, then they drop like flies.

2. When the movie uses the name jar head 3... claiming to be a sort of sequel down the genre.. At least follow the premise from the other movies. Jarhead 1, damn good movie, you follow the protagonist, you get to experience what he feels and how he perceived things, you are in the story, good job! Jarhead 2. Little worse than the first but stile decent enough for entertainment, it follows somewhat the lines of the original.. then you got this thing.... Just going thru all the action movie stereotypes, just as if the director had a list in front of him that he had to check every box on as he made the movie... At least the two first movies tried to be realistic, opposed to just pure classical action movie setup, that no one wants anymore.

3. The comic relief, the douche bag, and the black hype up guy, and the annoying guy who are useless... WHY ALL THESE STEREOTYPES? seems like the director, just check every box again...

4. The literal second the last guys die... the rescue comes in, nonchalantly, not even trying to secure the area in case more enemies comes in... I mean, if the rescuers, were so close, that the second the propane tank had exploded and the dust settled, they could walk in... then one would expect they were within firring range to help shoot right? or at least lob a grenade.... So poorly made, in terms of realism.

5.the plot was weak...