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A family of a German linguist lives with an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea.

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Jungle Child movie full length review - Too much pussy footing around,and barley touches the book

I can't understand why the real Sabine went along with this,guess she needed the money. The book is quite excellent, and describes very well the life of Sabine,her siblings and their missionary family.

As they live deep in the jungle,where her father is trying to learn the language and way of the fayu tribe.

For some reason I can't fathom, they have basically ditched most of the important stuff from the book,and focused a lot on the tribes war.Which was only a small part In the book.And don't be fooled,it's not a documentary,it's loosely based on real events They have basically taken away the whole part where all the kids learn to hunt and speak fauy.Suddenly they just speak fluent fauy They have also taken away a lot of the other kids stuff from the book.Which was strange,cause the book is written from a child's point of view. The acting is not bad,but they speed thing along in away that is unforgivable,if you read the book