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Set in a near future, technology-reliant society that pits man against killing machines.

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Kill Command movie full length review - Decent but flawed.

Mind the spoiler alert.

So we have a group of soldiers send to a training island to test their skills against their replacements aka droids. Because there is an excessive amount of data being learned by the droids the tech girl who designed and programmed them is send along with them to asses the product.

They easily take out some old versions and think they're done. All the wile outwards communication is being blocked but they don't seem to mind that and just stand around a lot. Don't get me wrong the movie is quite decent, way better than most of the other "low budget" sci-fi creations.

Anyhow here are a few things I didn't like about the movie. The girl/creator is way to silent. Even when it's abundantly clear something is wrong she still keeps quiet wile all the information they can get would have been helpful. Mayor annoyance.

At some point they walk into the storage facility for the droids not activated at that time. Did they turn this into an advantage, NO! They could have destroyed them as all of them are equipped with a self-destruct EMP bomb to prevent their tech from falling into enemy hands.

Or better jet as the creator is there with them she could have disconnected them from the network and given them a command to protect the humans. Did I mention she has a chip in her head/neck that gives her the ability to interact with those droids through a neural interface. So something like that really shouldn't have been hard to do and would have made it a much more realistic final battle if you have a good portion of the enemy taken out and then some left to battle by human hands.

For some reason 1 of the droids is the boss. Even though they're networked and at some point 3 of the same boss type droids are activated. Anyway they salvage an EMP bomb from one of the destroyed droids somehow up it's power (don't ask how) and manage to take the boss out. Sacrificing herself as her chip gets affected too. But guess what that thing made to take out the tech to prevent it from falling into enemy hands doesn't work the boss gets up again and now goes after the creator who plays dead and then blasts a hole though it's head. Then her chip gives out completely and she dies. Guess what happens next, the darn boss droid gets up again and manages with his last "breath" to upload itself into her destroyed chip!? So quite a bit of ridiculousness at the end and if that wasn't bad enough it also leaves an open ending. No one likes those, hell personally that's for a large part why I don't watch horror flicks anymore as they nearly always end without an end.