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An untraceable group of elite bank robbers is chased by a suicidal FBI agent who uncovers a deeper purpose behind the robbery-homicides.

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Marauders movie full length review - Standout acting but lousy and laughable script

Im gonna spill the beans here so if you wanna play detective stop reading go ahead and watch but remember this is a B Movie so don't expect some Gone Baby Gone level of twist.

I've been searching the net for 'Marauders Explained' but I cant find anything not even the critics tried to explain it all they say is that 'plot is a mess and convoluted' which makes me think nobody understood this film at all nor bothered to do so. So First Im gonna try to explain this movie myself. Note: I don't feel like I'm explaining something like Z for Zachariah here.

Who are the Marauders/Masked Robbers? They are Agent Wells and Chris Hall(the guy who pretended to be a tipster) and unnamed two colleagues from Special Forces. Years ago they were given a mission to eliminate Rogue Army Rangers but they spared one named TJ Jackson after realizing they were being used for a hit mission. On the other hand, TJ Jackson and his team of rangers were framed in the killing of Alexander Hubert younger brother of Bank magnate Jeffrey Hubert(Bruce Willis).

So who are the powers that be/Villains, they are Jeffrey Hubert and Senator Cook, Alexander is Jeffrey's competition for family inheritance and also Alexander wrote about corruption in politics involving Senater Cook. In other words the two want Alexander dead. Now, The disgruntled Marauders decided to hit back at Jeffrey by robbing his bank and killing two of his associates Hutchinson(bank manager) and Dagley. They plant TJ Jackson's prints in the crime scene to divert police investigation.

After two successful heist the third one went south, one of them was killed and Agent Wells was subdued by Montgomery who happens to be on the scene. Wells was eventually freed in exchange for a hostage. The Marauders are pretty much over there and then so they turn on Mims, a dirty cop desperate for money. He was lured by James Jackson(not to be confused with TJ) who works for Agent Wells into the location of the stash to frame Mims and his two associates on the bank heists. The rest that followed is pretty much self explanatory. Wells pursued Jeffrey who fled to Mexico to end it once and for all.

Apart from standout acting from Johnathon Schaech(That Thing You Do/Jonah Hex Legends of Tomorrow)there is nothing much to say about this movie other than it is definitely confusing. One of which is that they never showed the Marauders unmasking themselves or at least show them in possession of those masks. Montgomery is given a back story and Several characters are given subtle motives to deliberately confuse us on who the Marauders are, up until Mims said about the 'tipster'. It doesn't help that the dialogue and witty remarks are corny like Jeffrey Hubert's speech on climbing spiders. Also some parts that involve Montgomery's agitated ranting is just totally hilarious that made those parts of the movie almost like a ready clip for Honest Trailers.

Here is an example dialogue: "James Jackson?" "No the print belongs to TJ Jackson" "say that again" "What, you don't know who tj jackson is?" "he was a ranger" "keyword there is was, tj jackson is dead" "james jackson is tj's little brother, we figured james had some of tj's old stuff, tj was a ranger hotshot."

...yeah good luck trying to get it in one try.