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Oscar-winner Michael Moore dives right into hostile territory with his daring and hilarious one-man show, deep in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the 2016 election.

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Michael Moore in TrumpLand movie full length review - Moore's Documentary To Boost Hillary Clinton's Chances Of Winning The 2016 Presidential Elections

Well,Michael Moore made a prediction in June 2016 - six months before the November 8,2016 Presidential Elections.

He stated that the Democratic Party is into complacency and could probably lose the elections due to a wrong campaign strategy.He predicted that Donald Trump will win the elections over Hillary Clinton.

To boosts Hillary's chances,he released a documentary called Michael Moore In TrumpLand as a cautionary tale of what a Trump presidency could mean to Americans and the United States.The documentary was based on a one-person show that Michael Moore had at Murphy Theatre in Wilmington,Ohio for two nights held in October 2016 convincing Ohioans considering that the Ohio is vital in the Electoral College in determining the winner of the Presidential Elections.

Obviously,Moore is a known Progressive.He will take chances to help the Democrats win.This documentary is basically a direct and straightforward confrontation as what problems do the crowd have and the issues that they have against Hillary such as being unlikable,coziness with Wall Street,not being trustworthy and many other things and tries to clarify these issues with the crowd to somehow convince them to vote for her especially those who are undecided and who are not going to vote at all.It also cautions them of what a Trump presidency could mean but barely brings him up except a video about someone who says good things about Hillary that was shot more than 17 years ago or what could happen to nemesis Rosie O'Donnell when he gets elected.Basically,it puts Hillary into a good light and does something about her lack of campaigning particularly for the middle class and those who are currently struggling in the difficult economic situation.It also try to appeal to them that Hillary is also likable and comparable to Pope Francis,the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

While it was obvious that Conservatives would not appeal to this documentary as well as the Trump voters,he does it in a vivid and lighthearted fashion.He tries to put a lot of positive aspects in the up-and-coming elections especially when times are extremely difficult and many have lost hope in the economic situation in the United States.What's more,it also tries to bring some happiness in what could be considered as one of the most negative elections the Americans are going to have in many years.

As you are reading this,you all know that Donald Trump was elected as President and Moore was right on with his prediction.His next prediction:Trump will not finish his 4 years of term as president as he will get impeached. Expect another documentary from him IF that happens.But it was fun to see this coming from Moore to bring positive emotions in this seemingly negative elections when both candidates - Trump and Clinton - are just far from being likable.