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The film tells the story of two boys who become friends at the start of the Troubles in 1970. The boys share an obsession with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, with the consequence that they run away to Australia.

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Mickybo and Me movie full length review - Excellent

Yes, what a great film. The only film I've ever seen that has prompted me to do a Google search and post a message!! The young actors do a fine job, supported by the big names and the great scenery. Nostalgic yes, but realistic also.

I thought it was good how they dealt with the Northern Irish situation without making it feature in every scene as some have done. I noticed religion was only mentioned once at the beginning, but the characters aren't defined by it. The scene towards the end of the handover at the border is very true, as an outsider coming into Northern Ireland I have seen how some perceive it as akin to the Berlin wall, whereas in reality it is quite insignificant. I think both boys act in a way that reflects the way their fathers treat them, you can see some of Mickybo's father in the way he tells off Jonjo on the stairs in the old house. And later, Jonjo reflects on his fathers affair and how he doesn't wish to return home to it, (after the hay fire).

While not taking sides, I think the ending summed up how the problems of Northern Ireland have continued, the way friendships change after tragic events, the facts become distorted (who stole the bike), and peer pressure dictating who you associate with.

Well done to film team.

Regards, Dan.